New opportunities?

Unlimited profit!

We do not limit our freelancers in profit. It all depends on your skills and performance.

Payment is weekly, the cost of each task is known in advance and unchanged.

Permanent job availability 

Every day, 24/7, you have access to the task pool for various types of design. The list of tasks is constantly updated.

Earn as you feel comfortable and when convenient!

Dave and Vanessa

It’s very convenient for us to work with different schedules, we can take turns to complete the task and take new ones in complexity and type. Out of a wide variety of tasks, we never have problems with choosing what is closer to us, and good earnings allow us to realize any family plans.


As a student, I don’t have the opportunity to work all day in the office. After I signed up for AdQuantumdesign, I got the opportunity to earn money as much as I need and when it is convenient for me. Now I have time to study and I earn more than many full-time designers.


I study 3D and animation, before I lacked a variety of tasks to raise my level.

At AdQuantumdesign, I have the opportunity to realize myself in different areas and make good money.


Character animation in After Effects, requires the skill of animating people in DUIK. If you know him, it will be easy for you to perform these tasks. Now there are more than half of these tasks.


Character animation, modeling, rigging, rendering. This direction is actively developing. There are more and more such tasks! We are waiting for you!


There is only one task - banners must sell! You must master this art to perfection!



More than 150 motion designers, illustrators, graphic designers, banner makers work with us on an ongoing basis. Among them, 80% are motion designers working with 2D graphics. The most popular direction is character animation.  Now we are starting to close more and more tasks with Playable ADS and 3D graphics (Cinema / UE4 / Max)  If you are a team, there are big tasks for you.  If you want to join us - send a link to your resume and portfolio